Bottle Crowns // From Atlas Labels

A crown is considered the signature of any bottled beverage; it is functional and collectible. For the startup brewery, small cider mill or specialty soda maker, we offer unprinted stock crowns in a number of colors and with an oxygen-barrier liner. We can also custom print bottle crowns in three, four or five colors, with or without an oxygen-barrier liner.  Stock crowns are universal and available in either a pry-off or a twist-off configuration, while custom crowns can be spec’d as either pry-off or twist-off.

Stock crowns are sold in quantities as small as 1 case (10,000 crowns).  Custom crowns are available in quantities as small as 20 cases (200,000 crowns), and in quantities of a full pallet (40 cases, or 400,000 crowns), are comparable in price to stock crowns.

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