Can Carriers // From Atlas Labels

Atlas can produce can carriers for large and small canning operations.  A printed can carrier has many advantages over one of those plastic rings or the new caps.  A can carrier draws customers to your space in the cooler with graphics that are always forward-facing.  It gives you more room to tell the story of your brew. It enables you to have a separate UPC code for both the four-pack and your can (which in turn, means your beer is more likely to be sold in singles, included in mix-and match programs, and introduced to more craft beer consumers).

Atlas Labels & Packaging has standing dies to produce fully enclosed boxes for 4, 6, 8, or 12 cans, either with glue flaps for automatic packing lines or with “auto-lock” bottoms and locking tops for manual filling.  And we also have the ability to produce specialty packages like our new “One Finger Four Pint” carrier which can be manually assembled.  The “OFFP” carrier is manually assembled and gives a small canner all of the advantages of a carton at a lower cost, plus it still exposes enough of your primary package, so your can to show itself off.

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