Keg Collars // From Atlas Labels

Some of your beers are meant to age, but most keg beers are meant to be served fresh. Keeping tabs on the age of kegs is simple with these, easy-to-read and durable keg collars.

Reusable custom keg collars are printed with durable silkscreen ink on 23pt white, heavy-duty writeable polyethylene stock.  Single-use custom keg collars are printed on 6-ply 24pt paperboard. Some breweries might opt for our pressure-sensitive vinyl keg collar material that has self-adhesive backing or can be used without removing the liner.  All collars are 6.5” in diameter with die cut center opening to fit over and stay on a standard American Sankey keg stem.  All the materials we use in our keg collars remain flexible in cold environments and resist moisture and cracking at extreme temperatures.

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