Keg Wraps // From Atlas Labels

An Atlas-wrapped keg is easily identifiable in a busy bar’s cooler room, and is  far more likely than an unwrapped keg to find its way back to your brewery for refilling.  Our keg wraps are screen-printed on durable vinyl with industrial ultra-tac adhesive and protected with a heavy gloss laminate.  They are made from the same material used on railroad cars, tractor-trailers and steel drums. Keg wraps protect your substantial keg investment with a solution that is implemented faster than—and is more visible than embossing—and keg wraps are available in smaller quantities than a typical embossing order.

  • Standard 1/2 barrel wraps are 3” by 45”.
  • Standard 1/4 barrel wraps are 3” by 36”.
  • Standard 1/6 barrel wraps are 3” by 29.5”.

Please measure your kegs to confirm circumference before ordering.

(Special thanks to our friends at Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment for lending us the kegs pictured here)

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