Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labels // From Atlas Labels

Nothing on a bottle is more identifiable than its label; it’s what locks the product in our memory. Regardless of the product your need for custom bottle labels: beer, wine, kombucha, soda or juice, beverage makers benefit from branding with our U.S. and International award-winning self-adhesive pressure sensitive bottle labels.

Pressure sensitive bottle labels from Atlas give a brewery of any size a wide range of shapes, stock choices and finishes (including special laminates, foil-stamping, and embossing).  Labels are delivered on rolls to your specifications for application manually, with a semi-automatic labeler (such as our AP360), or with an economical in-line pressure-sensitive label module on your fully automated bottling line.  Pressure sensitive labels also allow for perfect positioning of multi-part labels.  They allow faster setup, changeover and cleanup times than cut & stack labels with a lower capital investment in equipment.  We have dozens of standing dies to fit any size bottle, from 8-oz and 12-oz heritage and longnecks, 22-oz bombers and 750ml and large-format wine and liquor bottles.  We can also work with your designer to develop a special die cut, foil-stamped, or embossed label that will make your product stand out on the shelf.

Small quantities of pressure sensitive labels can be run on high-quality digital web presses with the same range of stocks and finishes that longer run flexographic labels typically use.  New laser diecutting technology makes special shapes feasible, even on runs of 1,000 or less.  As a small-scale bottling program outgrows digital production, we can transition a brewery to a flexographic program where higher press speeds and combination runs bring costs down while improving consistent quality. Contact Atlas to learn how a pressure sensitive label program can be designed specifically for you.

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