“Can you order online?”  they ask.

“No, custom packaging projects require real human interaction!” we’ve always said.

It’s true.  Atlas has  never wanted to put our custom beverage packaging items in any kind of online store.  No one can effectively service a brewery’s custom packaging needs with a website!  There has to be some back-and-forth in order to get the best results for everyone.  And our philosophy on that point hasn’t changed.

However, there are a number of everyday stock packaging items that our brewers, cider makers, and other customers use: stretch wrap, tape, corrugated sheets, and more stretch wrap film.  From what we’ve seen, most of our customers are ordering those supplies out of the thick monthly catalog they get in the mail (the catalog that rhymes with “Sioux-Line”), or else they’re ordering from a foodservice distributor.  And that means they’re probably paying too much for those everyday items.

We’ve come up with a way to help lower the cost on those items as much as 30% (and sometimes more) on those everyday materials, and we’re previewing our new stock packaging webstore to our friends in the craft beverage business, as well as our other customers in small manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution and food processing:


You can access our online store directly at the URL above, or you can reach it through a header button at our main website.  The store is live and open, and we’re ready to ship orders, although we’ll be making a few tweaks here and there in the next couple of weeks.  But for now, take a look!  Place an order!  Call us with questions!  Stretch film, tape, stock boxes, and numerous other items are available at great prices.

This new store is only the beginning of the changes (for the better) we have planned for 2017.  One thing that won’t change, though, is our commitment to live customer service.  Atlas will never transition to an online-only store.  We’ll always have real people answering the phones during business hours.  And we’ll always have real people handling your custom packaging needs and even standing by to help you select the stock supplies that best fit your needs.