We’ve neglected the blog. Our marketing people are on our case about it. Our Google rankings are plummeting.

But we’ve got a good excuse. It’s good enough for us, anyways. We’ve been frightfully busy helping our customers get new beer, cider, mead and soda projects tee’d up for 2015. The continued growth in the craft beer industry, as well as the explosion in cider is really exciting. But it’s been pretty busy.

In between taking care of customers, we’re working on developing our nationwide network of corrugating plants, so we can cut freight expense on our mother cartons and can trays.

We’re also working on making the Atlas kegging program greener. We’ll soon be switching our keg collar products to slightly thinner substrates. They’ll still be the same quality polyethylene (multi-use) collars and all-weather paperboard material, but there will be a little bit less of it. Less material means less landfill waste, and less cost for our customers. Look for our new keg collar program in January.

And then, we’re also expanding our staff. Adam Pentola, who grew up in the printing and packaging industry, has joined the Atlas team. He’s been in training the last few weeks, to learn our products and our customers’ needs…and doing some sampling.
If you call in, there’s a good chance you’ll get to talk to Adam.

Until then, Cheers!

PS One of our New Year’s resolutions will be to make more regular, and more substantive blog posts.