No matter how big (or small) you are, you can use Variety Packs to introduce more of your beverage styles and flavors to more consumers. The new Quarterly 12-Pack Program from Atlas  can help keep that variety pack program on time and on budget.

The the second-most popular “style” in craft beer (after the IPA) isn’t a style at all!  It’s the variety pack.  We especially love them here at Atlas, where we have many different tastes, and where most of the the beer in our office fridge comes from variety packs.

Variety packs aren’t just for craft beer. Cidermakers, kombucha brewers, and soda bottlers can use variety packs to attract new customers and to introduce existing customers to styles and flavors that aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

And of course variety packs aren’t just for bottles.  There are cans, too!  Atlas regularly provides 12-pack boxes for 12-oz cans, and also offers 18-pack and 24-pack boxes.  We also have standing dies for your 16oz cans in 4-packs and 8-packs.

With cooler temperatures, football, and great fall seasonal brews and ciders, now is one of the best times of the year toi ntroduce a variety pack into your lineup.

The New Atlas Quarterly 12-Pack Program 

With a little planning ahead, you can save 5% off the regular cost of your variety packs and single-style 12-packs with Atlas’s new Quarterly 12-Pack Program.

Usually when an 12-pack order comes in, we run it as soon as the schedule allows and ship with 2-3 weeks after art approval. But in the Quarterly 12-Pack Program, we’ll gather up all the orders we can from several different customers, run them back to back, and pass through our efficiency as a cost saving to our customers.

The first quarterly 12-pack run is limited to our corrugated tuck-top carton for 12oz long-neck bottles and our wet-strength tuck-top carton for 12oz cans.  As the program grows, we’ll add more options.

The schedule for the first quarterly 12-pack run is as follows:

Wednesday, August 26:  Orders to Atlas with final quantities.
Monday, August 31:  All artwork submitted for new orders.
Wednesday, September 9: Final proof approval for new orders.
Monday, September 21:  Finished Cartons ship from our plant.

In order to make this program work for everyone involved, the schedule must be strictly enforced, and the program is confined to two of our basic structures.  As always, we can run any structure at any time outside this program.

Whether you’re interested in participating in our Quarterly 12-Pack Program or you want to order and receive packaging materials on your own schedule, do give Atlas a call, and we’ll provide you with the guidance and with the packaging you need to get your program underway.