As many of you know, more craft beverages are being canned than ever before, and the demand on can manufacturers is heavier than ever.

As a result, lead times for pre-printed beverage cans from the major manufacturers is getting longer, and we understand that at least one manufacturer has stated that it won’t be taking new customers or new can designs until 2016.    We also hear that lead times on some reprints are 10 weeks, 12 weeks, or longer.

So what can be done if you’re caught in this crunch?  Do you just wait it out?  Of course not.  Do you just switch back to glass? Of course not.

Atlas Labels & Packaging has a pair of solutions for short run and stopgap canning requirements.   We offer labels on Raflatac’s VanishTM synthetic stock that allows you to produce a high quality, retail ready can that (with well-designed art) is almost indistinguishable from a preprinted can.  And for the full package, we offer full-coverage shrink sleeves that take your can design up the beveled can throat, right to the lid.  Give us a call to see how we can help you get through the crisis.