Atlas Labels & Packaging is pleased to announce major upgrades to its bottle crown programs.  Thanks to our new manufacturing relationship with Star Crowns/ Vitogiannis Bros., we have good news to report for both our custom crown users and our stock crown customers!


Lead times Cut by Half:  
Our custom printed crown lead times have been cut to 6-8 weeks.  No longer will you wait 12-16 weeks (or more) to get your first order from us.
Minimum Order Quantity Cut by Half: 
We reduced our minimum order quantity for custom crowns by 50%.  For an additional charge, our customers can now order a 1/2 pallet (200,000 crowns).  
Liner Options Expanded:  
We now offer oxygen scavenger liners/gaskets, which protect your finished beverage by actively absorbing the oxygen in your bottle’s headspace–not just blocking it from the outside.  Oxygen scavenger liners also present fewer application challenges than do ordinary oxygen barrier liners in twist-off applications.  

Better Technical Support Available:  
Nobody wants trouble in their capper module, but when it does happen, we have the expanded technical resources of Star Crowns available to us, so we can help get to the bottom of your problem sooner.  


Improvements to our ready-to-ship stock crown program are even more exciting:

Upgraded Liners: 
All of our stock crowns now have upgraded oxygen scavenger liners (gaskets).  No more PVC!  These upgraded liners absorb oxygen left in your headspace and better protect your beer without the application challenges that sometimes associated with those harder oxygen barriers.
Improved Colors:  
We have refined our basic color selection and ensured better color consistency from crown to crown and from case to case.  We still have gold, silver, black, white, orange, light and dark blue, green, yellow, and red.  And based on your recent requests, we’ve brought in a special run of pink crowns.  
Faster Shipping:
If you place your order before noon, it will usually ships the same day. Orders placed after noon ship the next business day.   Plus, stock crowns now ship from our Kansas City warehouse, which is a 3-day UPS Ground shipping point (or less) to almost all points in the continental US.  We ship using the most economical means, unless you specify otherwise, and we can get it there fast!
Simplified Pricing:
Even with the across-the-board improvements, we are not raising our prices with this change.  But we are simplifying them! Up until now we’ve held to the 19th century custom of selling our crowns by the “gross” (a dozen dozen, or 144).  We generally respect old customs, but we are tired of doing the extra math, and so we are now pricing them on a “per thousand” basis.  Instead of $1.46 to $1.52 per gross for two or more cases, it’s now $10.22 per thousand, regardless of your color.  That’s $0.01022 each, and $102.20 per case.  No more calculator, no pencil and scratch paper, no savant-like mental calculations to get to an exact per unit cost.  Just move the decimal point!

Atlas is grateful to all our crown customers and we hope to make you more satisfied with the changes that we’ve put in place.  And of course, we welcome any new beverage makers who are seeking crowns, other bottling, canning or kegging supplies, or even promotional materials.  Just contact us to get started.