Atlas is heading to Denver tomorrow for the Saturday afternoon session of the Great American Beer Fest.  Robert and his buddy Tony (honorary Atlas employee for the trip) are looking forward to trying some of the beers which aren’t easy to get here in the Kansas City area, as well as connecting with a few of our new and longtime customers over the taps.

The list of brews to try is long, but at the risk of leaving somebody out, he will say he’s looking forward especially to seeing the folks from Bend at Silver Moon Brewery.  We are eager to hear about some of the new beers rolling out new packaging for.  At the other end of the country (and the other end of the Convention Center), he wants to try Captain Lawrence in New York.  For a few months now he’s been staring at packaging samples we’ve run for Captain Lawrence and wondering “what’s it taste like?”  Now he’ll get his chance find out.

He’ll also swing by some of our friends from Michigan and Wisconsin whose beers didn’t make it back from his dad’s trip to Marquette and the UP Fall Beer Festival last month (he says “Thanks Dad,” BTW).

Apologies in advance for anyone he misses; we’ll catch up with you all at Brew Expo next spring.