Occasionally we have questions about how durable our labels are…how well do they initially adhere to your bottle or can?  How well do they “stay stuck?”  What happens when they’re put through an ice bucket? Does water cause them to delaminate?  Can you scrape the label up against jagged rocks?


Well, an opportunity presented itself to test various pressure sensitive labels this month at Robert’s annual father-son canoe trip in southern Missouri.

We applied a few different labels to Bruce, Robert’s “best” beat-up canoe, and we loaded it and the other canoes on the trailer.  We drove a few hours, from Kansas City down to within a cannon-shot of the Arkansas border, and (after ferrying vehicles and helping some of the first-timers in our 24-boat armada get situated), we took off.  But before we left shore, we took some pictures of some of Atlas’s labels, and then we took more pictures of the labels after two days on the water.  The results were a little surprising…some of the labels held up better than expected!

IMG_1796We’ll be posting the results in a few days.