BPA In The News

Craft beverage publications have been focused on Bisphenyl-A (BPA) over the last few weeks, because California’s May 2016 Proposition 65 regulations require new BPA warnings to be posted at California retailers.

The industry focus is primarily on BPA used in can coatings, but many articles note that BPA is found in bottle crown liners as well. Some might assume from those articles that all bottle crown liners include BPA, but that’s not the case.

Atlas Labels Sells Crowns with BPA-Free, PVC-Free Liners

Whether you’re ordering twist-off or pry-off crowns, and whether you get our basic liners or you upgrade to oxygen barrier or oxygen scavenger, you can be assured that they are manufactured without BPA, and we’ll provide you with our polymer suppliers’ certificate for your own records.

We’re also pleased to remind you that three of our four available liner materials are also polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free. Our basic pry-off crown liner, as well as our oxygen barrier and oxygen scavenger liners for both twist-off and pry-off bottles are PVC-free.

Our entire inventory of stock crowns (all 11 colors) have BPA-free, PVC-free oxygen scavenger liners. 
Only customers who chose custom crowns with our basic liner for a twist off bottle will have a PVC liner.  Development continues on that front, and of course, twist off customers concerned about PVC can always order oxygen scavenger liners if they wish to avoid PVC.
As Atlas enters its third year of partnership with Star Crowns, we want to thank all of our current crown customers for their support and invite others to give us a try. Therefore, we’re offering a special on all stock and custom crown orders placed between now and June 30. Stock and custom crown orders placed on or before June 30, 2016 will receive a 25 cent-per-thousand discount on top of our already-lower 2016 pricing.  Use code JUNECROWN when ordering.   Offer expires June 30, 2016.