Here at Atlas, we occasionally have partial cases of our stock bottle crowns.  A few extra crowns are great for our sample packs, of course, but too many broken and partial cases cost us money and take up warehouse space.

That’s why a recent call from Taylor-Lehman Studio last week was fortuitous.    John specializes in crown-based folk art, and his bottlecap creations (one of which is previewed above) and needed about 10,000 crowns of various colors for a new project.  Much of his art uses custom-printed crowns (often from the big brewers), but he also works with our plain crowns (and we had partial cases of most of our 12 colors to provide him with.   We were glad to sell those partial cases, which weren’t suitable for beverage use, and John was glad to get some more of his medium.

To take a look at John’s work, visit his website: