This post is a little behind schedule, as our whole attention has been on order management system upgrades here at Atlas for the last 60 days.  But we’re happy to happy to report—albeit late–that we had a great show at the Craft Brewers’ Conference in Denver.  We connected with many of our longtime and new customers, and we met a few dozen new folks as well.

CBC was the occasion for the launch of two new offerings.  The first was our apparel line.  Since our expertise is in custom packaging, rather than apparel, we knew we had to engage the right partner in order to make it work.  And we found that partner in Happy Shirt Printing.  We’ll have a post on our apparel line very soon, but for now, suffice it to say that in conjunction with Happy Shirt, we can produce a full line of the gear that you want your patrons to wear around town: T-Shirts, caps, hoodies, work shirts, and whatever else you need.


Our decision to partner with Happy Shirt, rather than any one of the hundreds or thousands of other manufacturers that happen to have a silkscreen press, , was due to Happy Shirt’s commitment to good design.  Of course we’re happy to just take your brewery logo and print it on a hoodie or a tee.  But in partnering with Happy Shirt, we can do much more than that.  As we demonstrated from the show samples Mike Urish created from our Halligan concept brand, we can move beyond your brewery logo and create a custom line of apparel suited to your brand and your market.


The second product launch, which we show in the lead photo of this post, also will have a separate post on very soon, is a new hand-assembled carrier for 4-16oz cans.  This carrier gives the small scale canner the best of both worlds: extra space for more graphics to get customers’ attention and tell them about the beer, but not so much packaging that cost becomes an issue or that the primary package—the can—is obscured.  There was lots of interest in this one, and we’ll have more very soon.